Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

The Kind Loving Thinkers wanted me share these lovely thoughts about moms! They thank you so much for all that you do. Happy Mother's day!!

Brendan: I am thankful for my mom because she does kind things for me. She makes our home be  clean and smells good. My mom helps me and teaches me how to tie shoes. I want to thank my mom for helping us when my dad is away when he goes away, like Venice and Paris. My mom does a lot of jobs in her own.

Kiley: I appreciate my mom for making my bed, cooking and for buying me toys. She lets me tie my shoes and helps me learn new things. My mom helps me read, she lays out books for me to read.

Liam V:  I appreciate my mom for reading books and  for buying me toys. She shows me how to make sausage and how to cook. She also always helps me and teaches me new things. I practice with The Big Hungry Bear. My mom helps me calm down when I am angry. I thank my mom for being a naturopathic doctor.  I thank my mom  for bringing my big sister and my big brother home.

Callie:  I appreciate my mom for buying me clothes and making dinner. She also  plans my birthday parties and  takes me places.  I appreciate you for snuggling with me. Thank you for packing my lunch.

Carla: Thank you for cooking  for me. Thank you for taking me places, also drawing with me and packing my lunch. She teaches me a little bit of everything.  I appreciate you mom for showing me different things.

Paz:  I appreciate my mom for making food for me. I appreciate my  mom for taking me places that I have never been to. Thank you for  putting in this beautiful class.  I appreciate her for  buying me toys and my pink shoes.  I appreciate my mom for  being a wonderful mom.

Gavin: I appreciate you for helping my brother stay healthy.  I appreciate you for cooking and when dad gets sick you help him. Thank you mom  for being in the oil company.  Thank you for cuddling with me and buying things.

Hope: Thank you mom for  cooking and packing my lunch. Also for giving me hugs.

Keira: Thank you mom for gardening with me. Thank you for  helping me pick loquats and helping me decide on my choices. My mom helps me read and helps me know what day is on the calendar.  I appreciate you for buying my art stuff.

Alexys: Thank you mom for giving me hugs and kisses and giving me the clothes that I wear to school. Sometimes she lets me play Mind Craft.  I appreciate her for giving me toys and taking me to the ballet park.

Jessica: I appreciate my mom for taking me and Miranda to school together and for sometimes having playdates with my friends. I also appreciate her for packing my lunchbox and putting my lunchbox in my backpack. I appreciate her for one more thing: she drives me for one of the field trips and I liked it because we could spend time together. I also like that we had a mommy daughter date together. it was really fun.

Jack: I appreciate my mom for making my lunch. She helps me with things like setting up something that I don't know how to set up, or helping me figure out what my birthday or Christmas present is.

Logan: Thank you mom for hugging me before I have to go to school. She always comes in my brothers bed and my bed to snuggles both of us so we could fall asleep super fast. I appreciate her for bringing me to school a lot. I appreciate her for doing fun things for me and taking me on vacations.

Liam Mc: I appreciate my mom because she is always super nice to me and she makes nice food for me. I like that she's always just so nice. She takes me to Disneyland a lot. What I like about my mom also is that she lets me play in the backyard whenever I want.

Ariana: Thank you mom for picking up my toys and for getting me a good house. I appreciate you for having a great family. She buys me lots of food and she goes to work and gets money for our family.

Lily: I appreciate her for cooking for me. She helps me with school and math. I'm starting to add. Thank you mom for helping me subtract. Thank you mom for helping make cards for Valentines day.